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What are Stem Cells

Stem cells have the ability to replicate, differentiate and to give rise to many other types of tissue. Along with other components in the body, they are part of our natural healing and repair system, replacing other cells and forming new organs.

Usually, stem cells are dormant in the body and are activated when natural signals are sent informing that there’s a need for repair. However, this healing system doesn’t always work properly leaving our body defenseless and needing medical care.

Regenerative medicine aims to solve this problem by utilizing the elements the body has to heal by deploying them, activated, in the inflamed areas that they aren’t reaching.

Stem Cells potency are their unique secret to the regenerative process in the body. Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent, and somatic are multipotent. This means that stem cells can become most tissue and organs of the human body.

How Does It Work

As mentioned, stem cells are dormant in many areas of the body and are usually activated by signals that our blood growth factors and proteins will send to inform of inflamed areas. This natural process, however, loses power as we age, or isn’t done effectively for some serious conditions or injuries of the body.

Stem cell therapies work by increasing the number of signals sent to activate the body repair system, as well as, in some cases, powering this system with more of its repair cells. By activating the stem cells, and many times, deploying them in the needed area, the treatment can increase the effectiveness of healing and promote regeneration.

The treatments can come from allografts stem cells, meaning they come from an outside source, or autograts stem cells which are found inside your body.