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Allografts Therapy

BHBBC therapies are from allografts stem cells derived from carefully selected and screened mothers that donate their umbilical cord after a c-section. This is not related to any procedure that affects the fetus in any way.  The cells are obtained from the placenta tissue and are preserved in an FDA approved facility and procedure to be safely deployed in the inflamed area of the body.

Exosomes are also an allograft stem cell therapy capable of activating the natural healing system of our bodies. Derived from placental tissue stem cells of the same source and procedure mentioned above, exosomes differ from any other allograft therapy as it contains no DNA. They are molecules with 200% more growth factors when compared with mesenchymal stem cells. This indicates that they can effectively send strong signals to call for the body’s own healing system to get into action.

Autograft Therapy

Autografts stem cells come from the patient’s own body and therefore have no outside DNA. The cells can be derived by drilling into the bone marrow to obtain blood from which the stem cells are separated, or by a mini Liposuction procedure to obtain fat tissue from which SVF stem cells are separated.

See treatment options for more information on the different types of therapy.