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Dr. Weiss heeded a call to healing.  Medical school provided a great foundation in anatomy and physiology, but he quickly saw  that conventional thinking and practice has limitations to understand the root causes of illness.  It became apparent that many patients’ conditions could not be explained exclusively by labs and imaging and so he made a commitment to dig deeper and to find answers for his patients maximizing his mission to facilitate healing.


After completing a dual residual residency in Family Medicine and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine he worked at the prestigious Morrison Center in Manhattan and was responsible for the care of many chronically ill patients that the medical system had given up on.  He uncovered that the roots of most disease lie in chronic infections, toxic exposure, and unresolved traumas on the levels of mind, body, and spirit.


Although he has many varieties of techniques that can be used, Dr Weiss encourages his patients to not get attached to any particular modality.  During visits he often will listen to the innate wisdom of the patient’s body to prioritize the key issues and remedies for resolution. His singular focus is get to the roots of his patient’s maladies and partner with them to resolve the key issues in the quickest, least invasive, and non-toxic way possible.  Though two people may have similar symptoms, their root causes may be totally different.


Dr Weiss has special interests in treating patients with chronic lyme disease & co-infections, chronic fatigue, orthopedic conditions, chronic pain, and alzheimer’s disease.