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What are Stem Cells:

Stem cells have the ability to replicate, differentiate and to give rise to many other types of tissue. Along with other components in the body, they are part of our natural healing and repair system. Scientists have found that this system doesn’t always work properly. However, there are many stem cells found dormant in the body.


How does it work

Stem cell therapies work by increasing the number of signals sent to activate the body’s repair system and by powering it with more of its repair cells. Activating stem cells, and deploying them in the inflamed area of the body increases the effectiveness of the body’s natural healing and also promotes regeneration.


Do You Suffer From

  •   Knee Pain
  •   Shoulder Pain
  •   Tennis Elbow
  •   Tendonitis
  •   Neck Pain
  •   Back Pain
  •   Low Back Pain
  •   ACL/MCL Tears
  •   Joint Pain
  •   Neuropathy
  •   Plantar Fasciitis
  •   Ligament Strains
  •   Bursitis
  •   Degenerative Arthritis
  •   Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  •   Degenerative Cartilage and Ligaments
  •   Degenerative Joint Disease
  •   Arthritis
  •   Osteoarthritis

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    Our center strives to offer an integrative path to heal your brain and body, as well as services and techniques to guarantee that you look your best. To do so we have a team of specialists that include dermatologists, cosmetic, osteopathic and regenerative medicine practitioners, as well as surgeons.