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Dr. Puneet Chandak is a renowned Radiologist and entrepreneur from the Bay area. Living in both  Fremont and Beverly Hills, he owns and operates high end Radiology clinics, Stem Cell clinics, as well as Cosmetic Surgery and Integrative Medicine practices.  

Professionally, he received training at the finest Schools in New Delhi, India, and then went on to do a  post-doctoral fellowship from Erasmus University in Holland, and an additional post-doc fellowship in Bioinformatics from Harvard and MIT residency training at Case Western Reserve University and UCSF-Stanford Medical centers. He also acquired a  third post-doc fellowship in cancer diagnostics from Cornell University /Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.

Dr Chandak is very passionate about the latest breakthrough in medicine, Stem Cells. He feels it can offer benefits to people in a variety of ways, including alleviating chronic pain, preventing joint replacements, Erectile Dysfunction, and benefitting quite a handful of  “untreatable disorders” such as MS, ALS, and Alzheimer’s. Because this conditions have little hope for cure, and have very limited treatment options, to the patients facing them, Stem Cells have become a source for hope. Dr. Chandak’s passion is a commitment to helping improve people’s life on a daily basis.  

A loving father and husband, is also an entrepreneur at heart always focusing his attention and interest where the outcome is at for the patient. He is actively engaged in performing cardiovascular research and in finding a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease for the past several years. He has also collaborated with UCSF and Stanford Universities to help pre-operative patients with surgical models of their own bodies to improve post-surgical outcomes with 3d printing in medicine.

Dr Chandak is not only bright in his academic acumen, but also very adept in business ventures. Dr. Chandak and his wife Sonia are the proud owners of the Michelin recommended Indian restaurant “Broadway Masala” in Redwood City, and “Spice Affair”, which is the most prestigious and opulent Indian Restaurant located in Beverly Hills, where you may find personalities like Mel Gibson, Brittany Spears, Stevie Wonders and several prominent Bollywood celebrities visiting their dining hall.


Dr. Chandak is very passionate about social causes and supports numerous charities, including but not limited to preventable blindness, food for education, replenishing trees and forests, providing clean drinking water to the needy, saving wildlife in Africa, and rescuing and rehabilitating pre-teen girls who have been sold illegally and trafficked for sexual slavery.


Always focused in enhancing life, Dr Chandak is our founder and Medical Director.